News about Biodiversity
Research news | 2017-03-13
Researchers identify connections between extreme drought and self-amplified forest loss. Forest diversity reduces risk of such loss
Research news | 2016-11-29
New discussion paper demonstrates the links between the Aichi Biodiversity Targets and the Sustainable Development Goals
Research news | 2016-11-29
Study explores what a greener Sahel means beyond just satellite images – a social-ecological explanation
Research news | 2016-10-24
When is it useful to share information about the location of a prey and when is it not?
Research news | 2016-10-06
Centre contributes to UN expert consultation on human rights and sustainable use of biodiversity
Research news | 2016-04-28
Norway struggles to appease both environmentalists and farmers on carnivore protection and pastoral grazing
Research news | 2016-03-23
Unique collection of tourist photos shows that Baltic Sea common guillemots are at historically high levels today
Research news | 2016-03-23
Biodiversity observations on Twitter can contribute to ecological monitoring
Research news | 2016-03-23
Why landscapes that regulate downwind rainfall are key producers of ecosystem services
Research news | 2014-11-28
Centre PhD-thesis uses seabirds as indicators of changes in marine ecosystems
Research news | 2014-10-31
Inefficient fisheries management can be effectivised by further classifying fishing practices and styles
Research news | 2014-08-21
Does aquaculture add resilience to the world’s food portfolio?
Research news | 2014-06-16
Unusually large populations of the land-living bird found on island in the Baltic Sea
Research news | 2014-03-05
A model to guide practitioners in planning for landscape connectivity
Research news | 2014-02-05
Clear message from side event to the UN Open Working Group on Sustainable Development Goals
Research news | 2013-12-27
Multi-stakeholder dialogue in Colombia on integration of resilience into Sustainable Development Goals
Research news | 2013-12-10
Mangroves provide important protection from wind damage during storms
Research news | 2013-11-28
Specific species with specific functions more important than sheer number of species
Research news | 2013-10-15
Report on the value of ecosystem services handed over to Swedish government
Research news | 2013-10-04
How biodiversity conservation can greatly improve sustainable development
Research news | 2013-10-04
Hollywood actor Edward Norton fronts stunning new video on urbanization and biodiversity
Research news | 2013-09-13
Farmers' interest in nature contributes to higher levels of biodiversity
Research news | 2013-09-11
Shocks and natural variability can help restore coral cover on degraded reefs
Research news | 2013-06-19
Establishment of protected areas based on threats instead of strategic plans for sustenance
Research news | 2013-06-04
Market agents wield great influence over fishers' activities
Research news | 2013-04-12
Smarter forest logging based on knowledge of habitat connectivity can curb biodiversity loss
Research news | 2013-01-31
Brent Loken on possible solutions for protecting Borneo's forests
Research news | 2013-01-08
Forestry and nature conservation can benefit from higher tree species diversity

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