News about Fish stock management
Research news | 2017-03-09
Study looks at relationships within small-scale fishery market systems, moving beyond economics transactions and fisher-trader connections
Research news | 2017-02-27
Centre directors co-author chapter on Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources (CCAMLR) in new book covering politics and governance in Antarctica
Research news | 2017-02-06
Scientists, communities and actors connected to the Mombasa fisheries system join forces to support the most vulnerable in a rapidly changing environment
Research news | 2017-01-23
Creating strong cooperatives might be more important than fishing at the most sustainable level, new study suggests
Research news | 2016-12-20
New study looks at how shocks like political change, natural disasters, diseases and overfishing have affected capture fisheries and aquaculture worldwide
Research news | 2016-12-14
“Keystone dialogue" between scientists and seafood-industry leaders creates breakthrough in ocean stewardship
Research news | 2016-12-09
New study looks at commitment to fisheries regulations and why it is a matter of quality rather than quantity
Research news | 2016-09-26
Former PhD student turns to sci-fi to envision the future of our oceans
Research news | 2016-06-23
Songwriter PJ Harvey provides inspiration for paper calling for radically new thinking within marine research
Research news | 2016-06-16
Why transnational corporations must become more important in global fishery management
Research news | 2016-06-16
Johan Rockström and leader of the Norwegian Labour party Jonas Gahr Störe call for better management of the world oceans, essential to protect future food supplies
Research news | 2016-02-15
Study investigates the science behind claims that fisheries support food security and help in poverty alleviation
Research news | 2014-12-17
How the rise and fall of the Soviet Union contributed to marine regime shifts and a transition in governance
Research news | 2014-10-31
Inefficient fisheries management can be effectivised by further classifying fishing practices and styles
Research news | 2014-09-11
Farming of bluefin tuna is increasing, but official estimates are far below actual production
Research news | 2014-08-05
Increasing exploitation of ocean areas beyond national jurisdiction present serious governance challenges
Research news | 2014-03-25
Consistent misreporting of fish catches in the Baltic Sea has severe consequences for marine ecosystems
Research news | 2014-01-22
How Interpol and international networks join forces to stop illegal fishing
Research news | 2013-11-28
Opportunities and challenges emerging from increased aquaculture production
Research news | 2013-06-14
Nutritious small pelagic fish should be used more in human food, not just animal feed
Research news | 2013-06-04
Market agents wield great influence over fishers' activities
Research news | 2013-05-24
Eco-certification of aquaculture products has potential, but should focus more on a growing Asian market rather than Europe and the US
Research news | 2013-05-03
How adaptive governance helped pull back illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean
Research news | 2013-04-09
How China under-report fish catches in foreign waters
Research news | 2013-02-28
Chwaka Bay in Zanzibar struggle to move towards sustainable fisheries

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