Directors' view
Executive Director Johan Rockström and Science Director Carl Folke give an introduction to the centre, the research conducted and the global challenges we face.
- We have to recognise that we are part of the planet. Lots of people, and especially in urban areas, really believe we don't need the earth and can substitute it with new technologies, says Carl Folke in the opening sequence of the video.

Together with Johan Rockström he gives an introduction to resilience thinking and the importance of approaching sustainability from a social-ecological perspective.

Developed from UN assessments and scientific networks
Stockholm Resilience Centre was established as a result of the UN Millennium Ecosystem Assessment and the collaboration between some of the foremost researchers with social and ecological systems.

- The Resilience Centre will advance theory, policy, tools, methods for governance in the areas of resilience, vulnerability, adaptability and sustainabiliy, Johan Rockström says.

- We will house within the centre the whole broad area of disciplines all the way from historians, anthropologists, economists, ecologists, water resource people, all the way to more political sciences and ecology. Its a truly broad interdisciplinary endeveaour, Rockström says.


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