Hermansson Török

Senior Advisor, Resilience and Development Programme

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Staff profile

Ellika Hermansson Török works as Senior Advisor for SwedBio, a programme mainly financed by Sida situated at Stockholm Resilience Centre


Swedbio is a knowledge interface between practice, policy and science, on issues concerning poverty alleviation, sustainable livelihoods, equity and human wellbeing through development towards resilient ecosystems and societies

It also facilitates funding to related initiatives with partner organizations and institutions in developing countries and facilitates access and participation of developing country stakeholders and actors in international policy development.

Before Ellika headed the communications team at the Stockholm Resilience Centre (2007-2012), and she has worked ten years as press secretary, communications officer and campaign leader within large NGOs focusing on sustainable development.

Ellika holds a MSc in systems ecology from Stockholm University and has studied science communications at university level.


Hermansson Török, Ellika

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