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Matilda is a Post doc within GreenMAR funded by NordForsk

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  • Marine governance
  • Ecosystem based management
  • Institutional change
  • Organizational theory
  • Policy analysis

Matilda is a post-doctoral researcher within GreenMAR, which is funded by NordForsk. She studies institutional and organizational aspects of fisheries in the Baltic Sea, and the Northeast Atlantic. She is particularly interested in changes over time, and if and how the organizational and institutional structures have changed within the fleets. In the GreenMAR project she couples these changes with, and also discusses, the concept of Blue Growth.

As part of GreenMAR, Matilda was a visiting researcher at the Environment and Natural Resources Department at the University of Iceland.

Matilda has a PhD in Political Science. Her PhD thesis combines qualitative and quantitative text analysis, describes institutional and organizational changes, as well as the policy process of the Helsinki Commission (HELCOM), the governing body of the Baltic Sea.

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Valman, Matilda

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Valman, Matilda

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