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This theme looks at freshwater, food and ecosystem services in dynamic social-ecological landscapes

Water is the bloodstream of the biosphere that makes agricultural activities possible. Agricultural land use now covers large parts of the terrestrial planetary surface. While producing food for a growing world population it also pushes against many of the planetary boundaries and thus impairing social-ecological resilience.

This theme works on a range of scales, from local landscapes to analysis of global freshwater and agricultural changes, and cross-scale teleconnections. It focuses particularly on operationalising resilience in relation to the water-food-poverty nexus in semi-arid to dry sub-humid parts of the world. Theme members have substantial fieldwork in e.g. the West African Sahel, India, Tanzania and South Africa.

The theme also looks at relationships among multiple ecosystem services and how these can generate synergies or trade-offs between e.g. food production, carbon sequestration, and water availability.

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Landscapes news
Research news | 2015-12-17
Adaptation to environmental change is not straightforward, struggling fishing communities in Vietnam show why
Research news | 2015-12-04
Reducing resilience to a few measurements can block deeper understanding
Research news | 2015-11-23
Book on food and life in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan handed out to local communities
Research news | 2015-11-18
The value of biodiversity particularly high in poor environmental conditions
Research news | 2015-09-18
Use of ecosystem services more determined by income, gender and land tenure than physical access
Research news | 2015-06-10
Seminar talk on the benefits of children being outdoor and exposed to nature
Research news | 2015-05-19
Ecosystem management that ignores "taboo tradeoffs" is likely to fail
Research news | 2015-04-21
Telling a story of resilience in practice: new book about food and life in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan and Tajikistan
Research news | 2015-03-19
Nature Commentary: Meeting global food needs requires increased rainwater harvesting in Africa
Research news | 2015-02-18
Management of fragmented urban landscapes is challenging; network analysis can help improve it


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