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Thorsten Blenckner's research focus is on whole ecosystem processes and multiple stressors, the complexity of for example the Baltic Sea ecosystem

His current research is in food-web analysis and modeling of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. This includes identifying factors (e.g. overfishing, salinity, climate, alien species) which trigger regime shifts of the Baltic Sea ecosystem. He is also involved in the ICES Working Group on Integrated Assessments of the Baltic Sea.

He has experiences in field sampling (physical to biological parameters), quantitative experiments (large-scale mesocosm), laboratory (background lab technician), long-term statistical data analysis and ecosystem modeling (mass-balance).

Blenckner has presented his work at several international conferences and is an Associate Editor for the journal Marine and Freshwater Research. He has written several articles and co-authored a number of book chapters including a chapter for the Assessment of Climate Change for the Baltic Sea basin (Springer 2008).

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Blenckner, Thorsten

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