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Megan Meacham is a PhD student studying the social-ecological process that provides for the reliable production ecosystem services in the Norrström basin in Sweden


In particular she is focusing on the production and maintenance of sets of services generated in this heterogeneous landscape.

Her work is part of the project on social-ecological dynamics of ecosystem services in the Norrström basin (SEEN) as well as a regional case study in the Program on Ecosystem Change and Society (PECS).

After completing her MSc in Ecosystems, Governance and Globalization at the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Meacham has worked with the economic evaluation of policy decisions as well as the ecosystem service concept within the agricultural context. This has led to an interest in further exploring the ecosystem service concept, working to expedite the ecosystem service assessment process, and advancing the understanding of the social-ecological dynamics that determine and maintain specific sets of ecosystem services.


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Meacham, Megan

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