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Laura Elsler's PhD research focuses on building models for developing fisheries

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  • Social-ecological systems
  • Co-evolving structures of civilized environments
  • Equation-based modelling
  • Venice & Venetian lagoons

Bridging the intermediate space between social and ecological systems, local and global scales, fast and slow processes remains one of the most central and urgent needs for global sustainability. Cross-scale interactions change the way fishers and other user groups interact with one another and their environment. Elsler's work integrates trade and environmental cross-scale interactions to: (a) understand their effect - mediated by social interactions - on economic inequality and marine species status; and (b) build social-ecological models that are effective for evaluating management strategies in developing fisheries. Typically her models integrate quantitative and qualitative data, such as narratives of fishers and users of the fishery.

Elsler is an alumni of the Santa Fe Institute’s Complex System Summer School (2017) and co-leads the SESYNC graduate pursuit FISHMAR.
Prior to joining the SRC, Elsler worked on the safeguarding of Venice and its lagoon, supervised by James Watson (SRC) and Sonia Silvestri (Duke University). The synthesis of social-ecological knowledge in a model of Venice adaptation to sea level rise and subsidence led to the start of the Venice Resilience Labs/Wigwam a platform engaging different disciplines for alternative approaches for the adaptation in the Venice lagoon. Elsler´s approach is equipped with transdisciplinary training in international business, ethnological studies, and environmental sciences. Elsler graduated with distinction with an MSc in Sustainable Development-Environmental Sciences from Graz University and Università Ca´Foscari. She is a former intern with WWF International, and was located in the Heart of Borneo.

Awards and achievements:

  • Co-lead SESYNC graduate pursuit FISHMAR
  • Contributor to Venice Resilience Labs/Wigwam

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Elsler, Laura

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