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Ashley Perl works as a communications officer, and as a research assistant for the SRC-L'Oréal research collaboration

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  • Science communication
  • Writing and editing
  • Qualitative methods
  • Small-scale fisheries
  • Resilience thinking
  • Shocks, stresses, and disasters
  • Fieldwork

Perl works as a communications officer and a research assistant for the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

In her communications officer role, she writes and edits various types of texts; produces video, photo, website, and social media content; and assists with project coordination and events when needed.

In her research assistant role, she works on SRC's business collaboration with the L'Oréal group, which aims to apply the planetary boundaries to the cosmetic indutry.

In 2015, Perl completed SRC’s Master of Science programme. Her thesis work, supervised by Tim Daw (SRC) and Heather Koldewey (Zoological Society of London), explored if community natural resource management systems are able to recover after a shock. She used a case of a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that impacted seven fishing villages with community-based marine protected areas in Bohol, Philippines.

During and after her studies, she held multiple part-time positions at the SRC, such as a co-producer for the massive open online course (MOOC), Transforming Development: The Science and Practice of Resilience Thinking, a research assistant (ex. Arctic Resilience Report), teaching assistant (ie. planetary boundaries MOOC), writer, editor, and other roles.

Perl holds Bachelor of Arts, Honors Sepcialization in Psychology, a minor in Biology, and Certificate in Writing from the University of Western Ontario (2012). Her thesis (2011) and subsequent research assistant work (2012) studied differences in human rhythmic abilities. She also completed two Ontario Universities Program in Field Biology courses studying: the invasive lionfish species’ impact on a reef system in Eleuthera, Bahamas (2011); and intertidal zone species in St. Andrews, Canada (2012).

From 2012-2013, Perl worked as an assistant English teacher at Nanyo High School in Kizugawa-shi, Kyoto with the Japanese Exchange and Teaching (JET) programme. 

When Perl is not working, she can often be found skiing, biking, swimming, or climbing.

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Perl, Ashley
Perl, Ashley

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