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Linn is a research assistant for GRAID working with tools for integrating resilience thinking into international development work

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  • Policy and governance
  • Sustainability transformations
  • Resilience assessments
  • Agricultural systems
  • Resilience and development

Linn works as a research assistant in GRAID, a Sida-funded project aimed at integrating resilience thinking into international development practice and policy. Her work is focused on resilience in practice, and especially resilience assessments and planning.

Linn holds a MSc in Sustainability from Stockholm Univeristy/Stockholm Resilience Centre. In her MSc thesis, she studied the prospects for a group of non-state actors in Ethiopia to influence the country’s agricultural development in a more sustainable direction. She did so by analysing the institutional and policy context in which they are embedded, as well as their own strategies for change. She also has a BSc degree in political science and environmental science from the University of Gothenburg, which included fieldwork in India.

Linn has also volunteered in Cambodia and Ecuador, has a longstanding engagement in different environmental organisations, as well as the Swedish scout movement.

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Järnberg, Linn

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