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Matilda Petersson’s research focuses on the role and impact of non-governmental organizations within global marine governance

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  • Global marine governance
  • High sea fisheries
  • Regional fisheries management organizations
  • Non-governmental organizations
  • Advocacy
  • Representational diversity
  • Private forms of governance

Petersson examines the conditions under which non-governmental organizations (NGOs) can contribute to effective governance of global marine resources in the high sea areas of the ocean. In particular, she is interested in the role of NGOs and the ways in which these organizations exercise advocacy and contribute to outcomes of global marine governance. Petersson’s research looks both at the role and participation of NGOs within formal and state-led global institutions like the Regional Fisheries Management Organizations and through engagement in private forms governance.

Before joining the SRC, Petersson worked as an international consultant for the UNFAO (Fisheries and Aquaculture Department) and did a traineeship at the Cabinet for the EU Commissioner for Environment, Fisheries and Maritime Affairs. She has a MSc in Sustainability from the Stockholm Resilience Centre, Stockholm University and a BSc in Political Science with a specialization in Environmental Politics from the University of Gothenburg.

Petersson is a part of the Nereus Program, a collaboration between the Nippon Foundation and the University of British Columbia.

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Petersson, Matilda

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