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Viveca is a creative producer working for GRAID, and she also works on projects with SwedBio

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  • Cultural resilience
  • Traditional, local and indigenous ecological knowledge
  • Craftsmanship, skills and practical knowledge
  • Visual methods in research
  • Film directing and producing

For GRAID, Viveca’s role includes generating ideas and realising creative projects that help to capture and make visible the complexities of a resilience approach to development. She is also part of the team collaborating with GRAID partners and communities of practice to share knowledge, exchange ideas and develop novel methods for development processes.

Starting her career at the BBC, Viveca trained to become a documentary director making science, history and arts programmes. For over a decade she worked with film professionals all over the world developing, writing and directing films for the independent and international market for tv, cinema and online media.

She moved from London to Stockholm, to study Social Ecological Resilience for Sustainable Development here at the SRC. Her thesis used film and photography to investigate the knowledge and skills embedded in craftsmanship. Highlights included fishing herring with an archipelago fisherman and spending 6 weeks in the Swedish Arctic with Sámi reindeer herders and crafts artists.

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Mellegård, Viveca
Mellegård, Viveca

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