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Andrew Ringsmuth is a postdoctoral researcher within the MuSES project, developing mathematical and computational models of multiscale dynamics and cross-scale interactions in social-ecological systems

Profile summary

  • Social-ecological systems
  • Complex systems
  • Multiscale analysis
  • Cross-scale interactions
  • Ecological economics
  • Mathematical modelling
  • Biophysics

Within the MuSES project, Ringsmuth works on the theory of multiscale dynamics in social-ecological systems (SES). Using theoretical tools from complex systems science, ecological economics and physics, he aims to develop a mechanistic description of cross-scale interactions in SES, general enough to apply across a range of system types, including agriculture and fisheries. He is particularly fascinated by similarities between multiscale resource economics problems in social-ecological systems and those in biophysical systems, and curious about whether general laws might exist, relating the two.

Ringsmuth’s broad interests in sustainability science also include energy systems, environmental psychology, and biophysical economics.

Ringsmuth’s diverse background bridges the social and natural sciences. After completing bachelor degrees in psychology, philosophy and physics, he went on to an honours degree and PhD in theoretical physics at the University of Queensland, Australia. His PhD work focused on multiscale analysis and optimisation of photosynthetic solar energy systems, and he continued this as a postdoc in the biophysics of photosynthesis at the VU University Amsterdam. Ringsmuth then joined the SRC, where he is applying his experience with multiscale analysis of complex systems to SES.

Ringsmuth, Andrew

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