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Yosr Ammar is a PhD researcher focusing on novelty and system dynamics

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  • Novelty
  • System dynamics
  • Baltic Sea food-webs
  • Data analysis
  • Marine ecology

The main focus of Ammar's PhD is to study the novelty of the Baltic Sea food webs, its structure and functioning, considering existing monitoring data and future scenarios. She is exploring new methods for an advanced testing and understanding of the Baltic Sea dynamics, facing the effects of a cumulative driver. Ammar will also focus on how novelty affects ecosystem services today and in the future by exploring different scenarios.

Ammar's PhD is part of theBONUS project “Blue Growth boundaries in novel Baltic food webs” (BLUEWEBS), that aims to define and assess the consequences of novelty for good environmental status and a blue growth of the Baltic Sea, and its capacity to produce goods and services.

Ammar holds an Engineering degree in agronomic engineering, with a speciality in fisheries and environment from the National Agronomic Institute of Tunisia (INAT), and a Master of Science in Agricultural and Land Management from Mediterranean Agronomic Institute of Montpellier (CIHEAM-IAMM).

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Ammar, Yosr
Ammar, Yosr
Ammar, Yosr

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