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Abigayil Blandon is a researcher working on the sustainable development and utilisation of fisheries resources

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  • Fisheries
  • Sustainable development
  • Marine management
  • Eco-certification
  • Ocean governance

Blandon is a researcher working on the sustainable development and utilisation of fisheries resources. Having completed a short-term position at the University of Tokyo, Japan, where she researched the consumer preferences for marine eco-certification, Blandon is now working on a collaborative project between SRC and University of Tokyo. The project continues the eco-certification research to investigate the views of other stakeholders in the value chain, and connects these to the applicability of eco-labels within the Japanese fisheries market.

Blandon completed her Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Cambridge and subsequently spent four years working for NGOs and government bodies within conservation and wildlife protection. She became focused on marine issues when she worked on the designation of marine protected areas in the UK, and EU marine management policy at the Joint Nature Conservation Committee. Blandon completed her MSc at the Stockholm Resilience Centre with a thesis titled “A Sea Change: Unpacking the different conceptualisations of fisheries development in Eastern Africa”, supervised by Tim Daw and Jamila Haider.

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Blandon, Abigayil
Blandon, Abigayil

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