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Agnes Pranindita is a research assistant for the Ripples of Resilience project

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  • hydrology
  • water resources
  • planetary boundary
  • moisture recycling
  • climate

Pranindita’s involvement in the Ripples of Resilience project includes providing assistance in the research activities, documenting events, and organizing workshop. The Ripples of Resilience project aims at refining the water Planetary Boundary and navigating the boundary´s interface with policy-driven initiatives, such as the SDG´s.

Pranindita studied hydrology for her Master´s degree at the Wageningen University in the Netherlands. She graduated in July 2019 after completing her thesis research at the SRC under the supervision of Lan Wang Erlandsson and Ingo Fetzer. Her thesis investigated the response of moisture recycling regime in Europe to heatwaves as increasingly relevant extreme events.

Looking ahead, Pranindita aspires to contribute in the process of understanding the interaction between humans and hydrological processes in the Earth system; among others, how the first becomes the modifier or the victim of the latter. As well, she is interested in studying how water resources are claimed globally.

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Pranindita, Agnes
Pranindita, Agnes
Pranindita, Agnes

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