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Kristina Humphreys is an intern for the centre’s communications team

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  • Environmental stewardship
  • Human behaviour
  • Natural resource governance
  • Sustainable living
  • Urban social movements

Kristina has a background in both natural and social science and combines aspects from these disciplines into her ongoing education. She currently works to communicate key messages from the latest sustainability research. Her main interests involve interactions between human behaviour and the environment, and how this can influence health and well-being. With a focus on academic research, she hopes to integrate her study of sustainability science into her future education and career.

As a master’s student of sustainable development, Kristina is interested in gaining a deeper understanding of how humans can act as stewards of the planet to enhance sustainable living. She has developed a particular interest in the impact of urbanisation on water and food scarcity, specifically how communities can engage in natural resource governance in the midst of a changing environment and an increasingly urban lifestyle.

Previously, Kristina has been involved in undergraduate research on human behaviour, and has volunteered in urban agriculture and community health organisations. She is currently studying an MS in sustainable development at Uppsala University and SLU. She also holds a bachelor's degree from Augustana College, a liberal arts college in the U.S.

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