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Ecosystems, Resilience and Governance (ERG, EGG)

This Master's programme (ERG) provided students with insights into problem-driven transdisciplinary environmental research. Please note that as of 2010 this programme and its courses are no longer run.

The 2-year programme aimed to enhance a student's knowledge of the complex interactions between ecosystem dynamics and human activities at different scales; particularly ecosystem management in the context of change and uncertainty.

Ecosystem management is affected by social, economic and ecological drivers at different scales; from local to global. Aspects of governance at different scales are thus important for problem solving within complex adaptive systems. Complex adaptive systems are explored as interconnected dynamic systems of humans and ecosystems.

Students were introduced to different research approaches and methods for studying coupled social ecological systems.

The ERG programme was previously titled Ecosystems, Governance and Globalisation (EGG).

Read more about the programme and its courses under Course overview.

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