Sofia Valeria

Cortés Calderón


SERSD student 2018-2020

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Student profile

Sofia Cortes Calderon´s research interests include social-ecological conflict resolution at science-policy interfaces, and through the use of adaptive management and transdisciplinary approach

Profile summary

  • Wildlife conservation
  • Environmental policy
  • Social justice and equity
  • Political ecology
  • Human-wildlife conflict
  • Food security and sovereignty
  • Sustainable mobility and urban planning

According to multilateral work and direct talks at international platforms, such as PECS, Cortés Calderón was thrilled to learn the SRC’s engagement in transdisciplinary research. The collaborative and creative environment of SERSD, as well as its integrated approach to sustainability science, provides an ideal climate for her to develop her cross-disciplinary interests, and deepen her understanding of resilience and global governance.

For the last six years, Cortés Calderón has been dedicated to develop a broader understanding of social-ecological systems management from her interdisciplinary training. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Sciences from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Cortés Calderón has been working in the field of ecosystem services, wildlife conservation, sustainability science, and green criminology. Here she interacted with global researchers and practitioners in their respective fields, which enabled her to explore key environmental issues across disciplinary and sectorial boundaries.

She conducted research on: potential supply of ecosystem services and their interactions in dry tropical secondary forests (Institute for Ecosystem and Sustainability Research, UNAM), illegal deforestation and organized crime nexus (Regional Centre of Multidisciplinary Research, UNAM), and an illegal marine wildlife trade study case (independently) in Mexico.

Her fieldwork experience with local NGOs, indigenous-farmers-fisher’s communities, and public sector such as CITES Mexico also helped her to learn first hand alternative models of governance and natural resources management as well as insights into other cosmovisions and current conservation strategies across spatial scales. From there, she became interested in cross-scale institutional linkages that foster successful conservation schemes and increase adaptive capacity.

Throughout, she has been very involved in youth-led and student initiatives. Most recently, she was student representative and security committee member of the UNAM´s University Council.

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