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Student profile

David Enarsson is interested in transformations and urban governance and in particular how cities can help shape more sustainable futures

Profile summary

  • Transformation
  • Urban governance
  • Post-growth economics
  • Social innovation
  • Urban planning

Enarsson first encountered the SRC through the course “Världens Eko” in 2015. He found the transdisciplinary way of thinking about the world very exciting. Prior to this, Enarsson had been increasingly fascinated by attempts to go beyond the disciplinary boundaries of the social and natural sciences, particularly in regard to questions related to urban sustainability. He believes that building bridges between disciplines is key when addressing the global challenges of the 21th century.

Enarsson holds a bachelor’s degree in Human Geography from Stockholm University (2014-2017). In his degree, he also studied one year of global development studies which included a wide set of disciplines, such as economic history, social anthropology and political science. Some of his previous academic focus has revolved around questions of urbanism and urban planning. During the summer of 2016, he was granted a scholarship to study environmental sociology through an international summer school exchange in Tianjin, China. This trip gave him new perspectives and increased his curiosity for sustainability issues.

Enarsson is currently in his second year of the SERSD Master’s programme, where writing his thesis about a grassroot movement of collaborative economy initiatives in Gothenburg and their prospects for contributing to a transformation toward a post-growth economic paradigm.

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