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Carly is interested in the relationship between climate change and human migration patterns, as well as how change management and nudging can be used for a societal shift towards sustainable development

Profile summary

  • Climate induced migration
  • Nudging
  • Communication
  • Digitalization
  • Facilitation of workshops and dialogues
  • Social media

One of the main issues that has driven Carly to engage in sustainability issues is the fact that environmental destruction and climate change often causes the biggest harm to the most vulnerable people. With a deeper understanding of social-ecological resilience, Carly hopes to better understand how we can build more resilient societies in order to manage the changes and challenges that we are already facing today, and those we will face tomorrow.

Carly began her career in 2009 when she first started working for the thought leadership organization Tällberg Foundation (TF) in Stockholm, first as an assistant, and later (2010-2013) as coordinator of high-level participants leading up to the annual Tällberg Forums.

Since the days at TF, Carly completed a BSc in Global Development at Stockholm University within which she did an exchange year at Freie Universität Berlin. While in Berlin, Carly had the opportunity to participate in a UN study program, which included a Model UN conference in New York. This experience inspired Carly to intern at the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) where she worked with communications and deepened her knowledge of global refugee issues. For her thesis, Carly combined two main interests, environment and migration, and conducted a study on climate induced migration.

Since graduating Carly has worked as a sustainability consultant for an advertising agency in Stockholm, a project assistant for a sustainability reporting company and a project coordinator for WWF. Most recently (2016-2017), Carly broadened her horizons while working at the Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions (SKL) as project manager for a change management program concerning municipalities’ use of digitalization in the areas health care and education.

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