SERSD student 2019-2021




Profile summary

  • Politics
  • Governance
  • Futures methods
  • Mobility
  • Discourse Analysis

Linna Fredström is interested in finding ways to integrate deeper understanding for complex social-ecological systems in governance and policy processes, particularly on a local level

Fredström is writing her masters thesis on the topic of futures thinking, developing climate change scenarios for a Swedish municipality. Her study combines the transformation concept with critical social theory and aim to show how our worldview constrains our understanding of the future.

Fredström has a background in political science and economics, focused on environmental governance. She has experience working both with qualitative and quantitative research but tends to lean toward qualitative methods, mainly focused on discourse analysis and other research dealing with language and text analysis.

Her bachelor thesis looked at sustainable ways forward for the transport sector. Using discourse analysis, she showed how regional airports, funded by Swedish municipalities, were constructed as politicals object through different storylines. The research showed how the sociotechnical system (aeromobility) contained an interplay of technical and sociocultural dimensions which made changing the system difficult.

Outside of academia she has an interest in visual arts, especially photography and filmmaking. In 2017 she studied filmmaking in Malmö and produced multiple short films highlighting and challenging gender norms. She is involved in a local organization aiming to support queer and trans youth, as well as educate the local community on sexual and domestic violence.

She is the head of the local division for Swedish Society for Nature Conservation, Naturskyddsföreningen, in Sollentuna, where she practices a more hands-on approach to dealing with environmental issues.

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