SERSD student 2019-2021




Profile summary

  • Policy processes
  • Transformations
  • Energy policy
  • Urban development
  • Geography
  • Qualitative and mixed methods
  • GIS

Through his research Stephan Huber wants to create understanding for how policy processes and governance can facilitate or impede sustainability transformations

Huber is writing his master thesis on the influence of information, experts and discourse on policy processes in the German energy transition. By performing a discursive analysis of the commission on growth, structural change and employment in Germany, he aims at understanding how social constructions and relations within governance settings function as barriers or enablers towards transformative change.

His interest in SRC evolves around the potential of systems thinking to solve interdisciplinary problems. Further, he wants to deepen his knowledge on approaches that navigate problems of uncertainty and complexity in the governance of social-ecological systems.

His background is in geography and sociology, focussing on sustainability issues. He has experience in social research design and theory, working with qualitative and mixed methods such as content and discourse analysis of expert/stakeholder interviews and documents, sequenced with statistical analysis and spatial GIS analysis. In his bachelor thesis, he focused on ecosystem services and the management of urban street trees, reflecting on how the concept of ecosystem services can inform the management of green infrastructures.

Outside academia, he has gained practical experience in regional development, assisting municipalities within the EU LEADER program, and working on issues such as housing and skilled labor shortage. He is also involved in a local division of friends of the earth Germany engaging with environmental issues in urban development, mobility, and energy.

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