Lanyon Garrido

Natural Resource Engineer

SERSD student 2019-2021

+46 76 445 5934



Profile summary

  • Energy
  • Rural and indigenous communities
  • Agriculture
  • Natural resource management
  • Resilience
  • Local development
  • Climate change

Carla Lanyon Garrido is interested in the impact of technological innovations in a social ecological systems

What drew Lanyon Garrido to SERSD was the social-ecological and transdicisplinary approach, which enables the ability to capture different perspectives needed to reach sustainable and resilience systems. The courses allow the application of theorical understanding in real cases, making it easier to bring this knowledge into her field work. Additionally, it´s very important to develop researcher skills and work with different professionals. The quality of the investigation and the areas that the centre have for research are not available in Chile, but it´s a priority area for the country. Additionally, the opportunity to do theses in an ongoing project or theme of the SRC, makes the programme the best choice.

Lanyon Garrido is a natural resource engineer at Chile University, specializing in rural development, environmental education and socio-environmental conflicts. She has developed her career in sustainable development of rural communities, working in different project which aims to improve community’s life, and also works in the private sector as Leader of Sustainability. Since 2016 Lanyon Garrido, is part of the Energy Center of University of Chile, working at in social-environmental area. The research line, seeks relevance and sustainability throughout all project stages, integrating historical, cultural, political and environmental dimensions while addressing subjects such as adaptation, mitigation and resilience to climate change, territorial governance and social welfare in all their different dimensions.

At Energy Center, Lanyon Garrido has participated in Ayllu Solar project, which seek to collaborate with the Region Arica y Parinacota to achieve a sustainable development through the use of solar energy, working with urban and rural communities. She also has collaborated in strategies and tools of adaptation for climate change for sustainable rural development in the Andean region, in a geothermical project which promote models of sustainable production in rural areas in Chile, among others.

Lanyon Garrido is very active person, she is one of the founders of ONG VELEHUEN, where she had work in communities’ projects to improve their life, she is also part of the directive of Natural Resource Engineers of Chile School´s and also participative in different activities that look for to engagement the Academy with the citizens.