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Student profile

Robin Lindström's research interests include applying statistical methods on environmental effects of land usage at a local and global scale, mainly focusing on human living conditions and migration patterns

Profile summary

  • Land usage
  • R softwards
  • Matlab
  • GIS
  • Ecosystem services

Lindström chose the SERSD programme because it encourages students to collaborate beyond their own field of expertise, challenging your knowledge and exploring other peoples' ideas and knowledge. He is also interested in strengthening his statistical background by understanding the social-ecological processes that surrounds the history of the data being explored.

Lindström has a Bachelor’s in mathematical statistics. During his studies he gained experience in experimental planning, image analysis, machine learning and handling large data sets. In his Bachelor thesis he explored a new statistical method used on large, sparse data sets, with applications in cancer research. He also has courses in the humanities exploring the history and philosophy of the natural science, and history of ideas.

He worked for several years in telecommunications. From there he has experience in fiber infrastructure planning and usage of GIS tools. From a summer internship at the research and development department at Volvo, he gained experience in a project building a computer model of a car used for testing a cars functionality.

For the last four years Lindström has been volunteering in different projects that connects refugees with Swedish people. From homework help at the Red Cross, to sharing cultural experiences through Kulturkompis. His main hobbies are mountain hiking, cultural and language exchanges and reading.

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