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Sofia is interested in exploring the dynamics between the individual and collective transformation processes as we continue to respond to the Anthropocene’s challenges and opportunities

Profile summary

  • Ecological economics
  • Political ecology
  • Individual & collective mind shifts
  • Mind-body-nature connectedness
  • Biosphere stewardship
  • Environmental education & communication

Sofia holds a BA from McGill University’s School of Environment, Canada. She majored in Environment and Development, with a minor in Economics.

During her bachelor's she got inspired by the Degrowth discourse, which equipped her with a political ecology lens that she has since used in socio-ecological projects in Greece, Canada and South America.

Her interest in social transformation was first piqued through research she conducted at McGill in 2012, where she examined the role that the Greek financial crisis played in bringing about a re-examination of values, strengthening of social bonds and increased interest in alternative pathways. She wanted to explore whether these changes could trigger a collective transformation towards a more sustainable future. In 2013 she returned to Greece to contribute to this change through her work with Greenpeace Greece and her participation in the trans-disciplinary research for the designation of Samothraki island as an UNESCO Man & Biosphere reserve.

Her experiences have taught her about the reinforcing loops that keep individual and collective values and actions ‘rigid’. She is therefore interested in exploring which factors can initiate change at different social leverage points. She is particularly interested in examining the role of institutions in enhancing nature connectedness. At the SRC, she looks forward to learning new methodological tools and approaches to undertake scientific research, as well as how to apply her knowledge in urban social-ecological systems.

Sofia regularly explores the mind-body-nature connection, as she is a dedicated practitioner and instructor of Hatha yoga, a trail-runner and a rock-climber.

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