SERSD student 2019-2021




Profile summary

  • Textile production
  • Circular economy
  • Urban behavior
  • Responsible consumption and production
  • Influence
  • Marketing

Jenny Norrby's research interests include sustainable fashion and textile production

What made Norrby interested in SERSD was the opportunity to learn about social-ecological resilience from so many experienced researchers and to work transdisciplinary to get new perspectives. And also the opportunity to dig deeper into research in her own field of interest and hopefully be a part of the sustainable changes to come within this field.

Norrby started her journey studying fashion design and art but then moved more towards economy and production. She holds a Bachelor´s degree in Business Administration, with a focus on textile production and marketing, from The Swedish school of textiles. While writing her Bachelor´s thesis she moved to Paris to work with marketing for a small fashion label. She stayed in Paris for two and a half years before moving back home and started working at the buying department of a Swedish clothing brand. It was then that her interest in sustainable production started, as the brand had high focus on transitioning.

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