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Student profile

Moa’s research interests include sustainable agricultural management and developing the use of plant physiology in society, especially regarding food security, water resources and biofuel

Profile summary

  • Earth System Science
  • Ecosystem Services
  • Plant Physiology
  • Food Security
  • Water Recourses
  • Mathematical modeling
  • Scientific communication

Moa applied to the SERSD programme to gain knowledge of the social aspects of global environmental issues. She believes it is key to address environmental issues with a holistic approach, and is therefore eager to apply resilience thinking to her existing and future knowledge. She is also interested in exploring scientific communication, mathematical modeling and policy work.

In high school Moa studied natural science with focus on research and journalism. This opened her eyes to one of her biggest interests; the biosphere. Alongside with taking classes in biology and math she picked up an interest in writing.

When Moa started to understand the environmental state the planet was in, she applied to a bachelor in Environmental Science at Stockholm University. At the Department of Analytic Chemistry and Environmental Science she has gained educational skills in earth system science, scientific communication, mathematical modeling, as well as molecular biology and ecology.

Moa wrote her bachelor thesis on the possible use of silicon to moderate the decrease of plant biomass caused by arsenic stress. She based her results on her own laboratory work and a literature review. In her thesis, she explored the attributes silicon can induce in plants, but also how it could relieve arsenic poisoning through food in highly contaminated areas such as Bangladesh.

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