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Student profile

Camilia is interested in change and transformation management, and different ways of creating insights, particularly within trade and industry

Profile summary

  • Energy
  • Industry
  • Trade
  • Ethics
  • Change management
  • Symbolism
  • System theories

During her Master’s degree at Stockholm Resilience Centre, Camilla wishes to gain a deeper understanding of systems and transformation theories. She is also interested in strategies to induce change in societies or organizations by finding ways to create insight, creating space for discussion on ethics and positive narratives. She is particularly interested in ways to activate the trade and industry sectors in the pursuit of a sustainable and resilient future.

Camilla holds a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, with a major in applied thermodynamics. Since her primary interest has been sustainable use of energy and renewable energy sources she also studied environmental management.

During her following years as a consultant, Camilla gained experience in evaluating different aspects of energy and climate related policy design, and its impact on different stakeholders. Camilla has more than ten years of experience of industrial energy and environmental management, production management and change management. In the field of energy, she has experience from biofuel CHP-production, wind power and solar energy. Right before the Master’s programme started she spent six months at the office of the Swedish Agenda 2030 delegation during the assessment of the national current state and developing of a national action plan.

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