Simon Kallstenius


SERSD student 2017-2019




Student profile

Ivan’s academic curiosity is broad. He wants to understand how things work at all spatial and temporal scales, in particular if this understanding can help alleviate human suffering

Profile summary

  • Global dynamics
  • Poverty and wellbeing
  • Complex Adaptive Systems
  • Digitalization
  • Communication
  • Individual behavior
  • Thresholds

Ivan joined the SERSD program for three reasons. Frist, because it is at the forefront of sustainability research and science. He believes that the transdisciplinary approach of the center is more fulfilling than dividing the field into distinct domains of specialization. Second, the center is a nexus of networks for research and change. Finally, he holds the conviction that everyone should have the opportunity to lead their life according to their personal beliefs without risking the health and integrity of the environment. The SERSD program equips students with tools and methods for developing new approaches to the governance and management of social-ecological systems. It is therefore a great place to study, according to Ivan!

Ivan earned a multidisciplinary bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Water Resource Economics from the University of Arizona in 2016. Subjects of study ranged from economics and policy analysis, to environmental science and public speaking. The focus of his undergraduate education was to develop skills in quantitative and qualitative analysis, management, and communication.

Prior to joining the SRC, Ivan worked for the non-profit organization Sustainergies. First as a project manager for a national student study on “Sustainability, Career, and Academic Studies;” then as an internal business analyst, assessing the organization’s societal impact and mapping the organizational structure. Parallel to this, Ivan consulted with Nordic Choice Hotels. His work included the evaluation of a Sustainability Coach program and updating the hotel’s chemical database in accordance with EU CLP regulation.

Additional experience includes social media analysis for TwintipInsights, and a transcribing interviews for a research project.

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