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Student profile

Naomi Terry is interested in the role of culture and diversity in land stewardship.

Profile summary

  • Biocultural diversity
  • Ecological surveys
  • Participatory methods
  • Environmental justice
  • Story telling
  • Biosphere stewardship
  • Food and water

Working in ecology and conservation, Terry recognised the need to embody multiple perspectives and disciplines, since we live in a world where every ecosystem is also a social-ecological system. This approach drew her to the SERSD Masters programme.

She is interested in learning about more creative tools for research and communication, participatory methods and co-creations in art and science. Coming from a quantitative background, this presents new and exciting challenges.

With a scientific background, Terry’s Bachelor’s degree was largely focussed on applied ecology, animal behaviour and sociobiology, with later field work in pollination biology, herd ecology and animal migration patterns.

Terry’s ecology field studies largely focused on plants and wildlife in water dependent ecosystems, such as the Okavango Delta in Botswana and in different bioregions of California. Frequently working on species specific studies, she was drawn increasingly to a systems approach that goes beyond looking at the complete ecosystem, but also considers the complex interactions between people and their landscape. Having grown up in large metropolises, Terry still developed a fervour for wilderness and the outdoors, which has inspired an interest in urbanization and cultural barriers in access to nature.

Other work in responsible management of forest products has brought her attention to the complexities of certification, markets and consumer choice in developing sustainable supply chains. Additionally, Terry has been involved in initiatives in marine conservation, human-wildlife conflict, citizen science, environmental policy and local land stewardship.

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