Francisco Gazitua, sculptor

A visual artist working with the SARAS institute, SRC's partner institute in Uruguay


Stockholm Resilience Centre is a proud partner of the SARAS institute in Uruguay where scientists and artists collaborate to address global and regional sustainability challenges.Two Chilean artists, Angela Leible and Francisco Gazitua has worked with the SARAS2 institute. This video is illustrating the work of Francisco Gazitua, a sculptor working with andean stone in the Central Andes, Chile. A single stone, as shown in the video, either a piece of marble or granite, lives in peace in its stillness, silent in the coherence of its crystals. It can be transparent quartz, feldspar or lime, showing generously, without explanations, without having to justify or defend itself, and without a curriculum to follow, or a career to run. And knowing --- that— all the wisdom of the universe is saved within it. The video is also showing the working process of the stone from digging it out from the sculptor quarry, then splitting, carving and chisel , ending wit the image of the two halves of the original stone, nine meters long and fifty tons heavy. One part of the stone is located in Humlegården (Stockholm, Sweden), and the other half in Plaza Pedro de Valdivia (Santiago, Chile). For more of his work, visit: http://franciscogazituasculpture.com

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