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Economic growth vs uneconomic growth

2010-05-19 - 2010-05-19

Seminar with Professor Albert Jacquard, 19 May 19

Full seminar title: Economic growth vs uneconomic growth - shifting the economic system from a growth focus to a human-development focus.

The seminar will be given in French and translated simultaneously.

About Albert Jacquard
Albert Jacquard (born in 1925) is one of the most famous French scientists and writers. Geneticist and former member of the French National Ethics advisory committee, Albert Jacquard devotes his activities to the spreading of a humanist speech, destined to promote the evolution of collective consciousness. His last book is called Has the countdown started? (Le compte à rebours a-t-il commencé?, Stock, 2009)

Time and place
Wednesday May 19, 2010, 10.00—11.00

Linné Hall, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences,
Lilla Frescativägen 4, Stockholm


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