Global change, the Arctic and resilience

2010-09-16 - 2010-09-16

Seminar with Professor Brian Walker, Thursday September 16, 2010, 10.00-11.00.

In August 2010, as part of a small group of scientists, industry leaders and senior government officials, Brian Walker travelled through the Northwest Passage for 6 days and “nights" on a Canadian icebreaker, discussing the resilience of the Canadian Arctic Archipelago and its people.

In this seminar Walker will present the insights gained on the challenges posed by the physical, chemical, biological and social changes that are taking place. The Arctic, as an interlinked social-ecological system, is a harbinger of climate change for the rest of the world.

About Brian Walker
Prof Walker is a Research Fellow with CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems and is also on the Board of the Stockholm Resilience Centre.

A key focus of his work is the significance of resilience (the capacity of a sys¬tem to absorb disturbance and to undergo change while still retaining essentially the same function, structure, identity, and feedbacks) in the sustainability of ecosystems and social-ecological systems.

Prof Walker co-authored the 2006 book Resilience thinking: Sustaining ecosystems and people in a changing world.

Time and place
Thursday September 16, 2010, 10.00—11.00

Linné Hall, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Lilla Frescativägen 4, Stockholm


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