Analysing social-ecological inventories

Centre researcher Lisen Schultz explains the concept of social-ecological inventories and how to apply the method.

Centre researcher Lisen Schultz has together with Ryan Plummer (Centre Senior Fellow and Brock University) and Samantha Purdy (Brock University) in Canada developed a new workbook which describes a method for social-ecological inventories (SEI).

The social-ecological inventory workbookPDF (pdf, 568 kB) helps identify the actors that potentially contributes to the resilience of a region.

"The inventory method serves as a preparation and supplement to a more elaborative resilience assessment. This preparation is of mutual benefit to you as a facilitator or a convener, and to the participants: The convener gets pre-understanding of the key actors in a region and what they would bring to the table, and the participants get a pre-understanding of what to expect from engaging in the resilience assessment," Lisen Schultz explains.

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