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Global Resilience Partnership

The Global Resilience Partnership (GRP) is an independent partnership of public and private organisations joining forces towards a sustainable and prosperous future

GRP is funded by USAid, Sida, DFID, and Zurich Insurance and is hosted by the Stockholm Resilience Centre. The partnership believes that resilience underpins the achievement of sustainable development in a rapidly changing world.

The partnership uses resilience to understand the drivers and impacts of complex issues to help communities, governments, the private sector, and development and humanitarian organizations ask different questions about the problems they are facing, thereby highlighting novel solutions.

GRP Is founded on knowledge excellence, inclusive decision making and a commitment to finding new ways of dealing with intractable issues. GRP works through its partners, which include, the World Bank, UNDP, IGAD, Global Environment Facility, Sida, USAid, DFID, and Zurich Insurance.

GRP is organized across four interlinked “impact pathways”:

1. Knowledge Brokering
GRP is a global platform for Partners to access the latest knowledge and information on how to invest in resilience for development. GRP strives to become the ‘go to place’ for all interested in the field of applied resilience. To do this, GRP contributes to a global coordination and translation of resilience knowledge, serving as a librarian - not a library - to direct partners where to go for new and proven resilience methods, state of the art resilience insights, convening and events calendars, or commissioning research.

2. Policy Engagement
GRP advances the case for resilience and policy change by developing joint policy and communications actions and products and using them together to advocate for change. GRP strives to engage with and support resilience initiatives by building networks and leveraging opportunities for engagement to incorporate resilience from local to global scales. Each GRP partner represents an ‘open door’ of potential policy dialogue and change.

3. Innovation and Scaling
Great ideas can be born anywhere but need the right environment to thrive. There is a need for a safe space to test and scale disruptive, bold ideas for doing development differently, by building resilience of people and the planet. GRP surfaces and tests resilience innovations and fosters new ideas by designing and running challenges with, or on behalf of, partners. GRP will also act as a broker to scale up public and private investment in these innovations.

4. Business and Investment
GRP works with the public and private sector to develop new mechanisms of investment into resilience. Identifying opportunities to increase private sector involvement in resilience, by bringing private- and public-sector partners together to overcome barriers and making the business case for resilience.

From 2014 to 2017 the GRP Secretariat was hosted by KPMG in Nairobi, Kenya. In September 2017, SRC took over as the new host of the GRP Secretariat.

Stockholm Resilience Centre is a collaboration between Stockholm University and the Beijer Institute of Ecological Economics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences

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