A plea for multifunctional landscapes


There is a growing consensus among ecologists and resource managers that we need smarter landscapemanagement through “sustainable intensification”. After all – or so the rhetoric goes – we have a growing population to feed, and more efficient production is an inevitable necessity. Increased food production is sold as a panacea for reducing hunger and providing for the world's burgeoning population. But this argument ignores the fact that the vast majority of food-insecure people are constrained by insufficient access to food, not by its lack of availability.


Link to centre authors: Meacham, Megan, Queiroz, Cibele
Publication info: Fischer, J., Meacham, M., Queiroz, C. 2017. A plea for multifunctional landscapes. Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment.10.1002/fee.1464

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