A landscape of crowd-management support: An integrative approach


Of the many crowd behavior models, very few have been used in assisting crowd management practice. This lack of usage is partly due to crowd management involving a diversity of situations that require competencies in observing, sense-making, anticipating and acting. Crowd research is similarly scattered across disciplines and needs integration to advance the field towards supporting practice. To address these needs, we present inCrowd, an integrated framework detailing a high-level architecture of a decision-support system for crowd management and model development. It also offers a lens for categorizing crowd literature, allowing us to present a structured literature review.


Link to centre authors: Wijermans, Nanda
Publication info: Wijermans, N., C. Conrado, M. van Steen, C. Martella, J. Li. 2016. A landscape of crowd-management support: An integrative approach. Safety Science 86: 142 – 164


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