Current and future interactions between nature and society


The Africa Assessment Report recognises the continent’s global importance in terms of biodiversity and diversity in its peoples. This assessment illustrates, through a range of examples, the mutually beneficial interactions between nature and people, often supported by indigenous knowledge developed through generations.


Link to centre authors: Biggs, Oonsie, Reyers, Belinda
Publication info: Biggs, R., Kizito, F., Adjonou, K., Ahmed, M. T., Blanchard, R., Coetzer, K., Handa, C. O., Dickens, C., Hamann, M., O'Farrell, P., Kellner, K., Reyers, B., Matose, F., Omar, K., Sonkoue, J-F., Terer, T, Vanhove, M., Sitas, N., Abrahams, B., Lazarova, T., and Pereira, L. Current and future interactions between nature and society. Chapter 5 (p413-479) in: The IPBES regional assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem services for Africa. Archer, E. Dziba, L., Mulongoy, K. J., Maoela, M. A., and Walters, M. (eds.). Secretariat of the Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem services, Bonn, Germany. Available at