Investing in Swedish marine conservation

Funding boost for research on improved governance of Swedish marine systems

Centre researcher Saskia Otto is one of four projects to receive funding from The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management and the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency. The funding amounts to a total of eight million Swedish Kroner and will be shared among the projects.

Saskia Otto, a postdoctoral researcher at the centre, will receive almost three million Swedish Kroner for her research on ecosystem-based development and testing of pelagic food web indicators.

The indicators, which are developed on the basis of new directives from the European Union, will provide crucial information on the status of biodiversity and food webs in marine systems around Sweden.

The EU-wide implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) aims to promote the conservation of marine ecosystems and to achieve or maintain a Good Environmental Status (GES) in respect of 11 descriptors by 2020.

Published: 2014-02-05