Special issue

Dealing with climate change in Mälardalen, Sweden

A special issue of AMBIO features 14 scientific articles from the interdisciplinary research project Ekoklim

Ekoklim is based at Stockholm University and involves researchers representing a wide range of disciplines and research areas. Several researchers at the Centre are active in the project and have contributed to a recent special issue of AMBIO. The project is focused on social-ecological sustainability challenges in the Mälardalen region in Sweden, aiming to generate new insights that can help improve management and governance of ecosystem services in the region.

The special issue centres around the effects of climate change and land-use change on biodiversity, landscape processes and ecosystem services. The papers also discuss how these changes can be addressed by society through adaptive governance.  

"These are important pieces of the puzzle for improving management and building resilience in the region," says Centre researcher Sara Borgström. "This landscape is   already effected by climate change with implications for human societies. How big the effects will be depends in part on what response strategies are available, and to design the best strategies we benefit from having accessible, high quality information."

The effects of climate change and altered land use on people and ecosystems are complex, as are the processes for handling and mitigating these effects. Therefore the rationale behind the project is that knowledge is needed from experts in many different fields and in addition that the best possible insights and innovations will be derived from inter- and transdisciplinary collaborations among all the different actors in the region.

The special issue is open access and can be read here

Centre researchers who have contributed to the special issue:
Sara Borgström

Cibele Queiroz

Megan Meacham

Albert Norström

Erik Andersson

Jon Norberg

Garry Peterson

Björn Nykvist

Rebecka Malinga

Helen Moor

Stuart Kininmonth

Arvid Bergsten

Örjan Bodin

Emily Boyd

Maricela de la Torre-Castro

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Sara Borgström's research focuses on landscape governance, exploring how the social and ecological compartments of landscapes interacts and how current formal structures and mechanisms of landscape governance can be adapted and transformed to support resilience building.