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Virtual Ocean Dialogues replaces the 2020 UN ocean conference

Centre researchers contribute to sessions on ocean finance and marine food production


With the 2020 UN Ocean conference in Lisbon postponed due to the ongoing pandemic, World Economic Forum and Friends of Ocean Action are hosting a global online conference for ocean action, the Virtual Ocean Dialogues, on 1-5 June 2020.

Virtual Ocean Dialogues will convene leaders and communities online from across the global ocean space. Designed in collaboration with a range of other partners, the dialogues aim to maintain momentum in the face of COVID-19 to continue working for ambitious and urgent global action for a healthy ocean.

Researchers from the Stockholm Resilience Centre will contribute to sessions on ocean finance, scheduled to 1 June. Specifically, the centre is co-hosting a deep dive about “Leverage points in the financial sector for ocean sustainability” as part of the “Finance and the Sustainable Blue Economy” virtual dialogue. Read more here

The virtual dialogues will also focus on the role aquatic foods play in the global food system. On 3 June, researchers from the Blue Food Assessment, a collaboration between the centre and the Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions, will contribute to the plenary session Nourishing Billions and several of its breakout sessions.

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