How can we study rules?

Marco Janssen, Assistant professor and research scientist at Arizona State University, answers this question.

- We would like to observe the crafting process [of rules]. I use laboratory experiments and let people change the rules of a game, Janssen explains.

About Marco Janssen
In 1991, Marco A. Janssen started his research career at the Dutch National Institute of Public Health and the Environment (RIVM), where he worked on integrated assessment models of climate change and sustainable development. Since 1993, he has been mainly interested in the co-evolution of human activities and ecological processes.

In 1998, he became an active member of the Resilience Network (now Resilience Alliance) and started working on various applications of his thesis work on Australian rangelands and lakes. Janssen also cooperated with psychologists to have a more well-defined formulation of human behavior in his models.

In 2001, he became interested in the evolution of institutional rules and began working with Elinor Ostrom (Indiana University). In 2002, he moved to Indiana University to be a research scientist in the Center of the Study of Institutions, Population and Environmental Change, and in 2004 combined that with a visiting assistant professorship in the School of Informatics.

Janssen's current interests focus on the following question: How can robust interactions between social agents and their environment evolve or be designed? He is interested in understanding how ecological dynamics, institutional arrangements and human decision-making characteristics affect how human activities fit with the environment. He uses case study analysis, human subject experiments and computational models to understand specific puzzles.

Application areas include Australian rangelands, irrigation, foraging of hominids, public good and common pool resource experiments.

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