What are the biggest challenges with financial assessments of natural resources?

Pavan Sukhdev, Study Leader of TEEB and UNEP's Green Economy Initiative answers this question.

Pavan Sukhdev is Study leader for TEEB (The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity). He is the founder and CEO of GIST Advisory, a consulting firm focussed on assisting governments and coroporations measure and manage their impacts and dependencies on nature.

As a career banker for 25 years, he took a sabbatical from Deutsche Bank in 2008 to lead two important projects for the United Nations environment Programme, TEEB and the Green Economy Initiative.

These projects have created a new awareness for natural capital as a key factor of production and a means of solving persistent poverty, and for a 'green economy' as a new engine for development, decent employment, and povety reduction. At Deutsche Bank earlier, Pavan founded and chaired GMC (Global Markets Centre), a leading edge captive front-office offshoring company based in India.

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