Swedish environmental change

Introduction to Ekoklim

Centre researcher Sara Borgström explains the research project Ekoklim, featured as 14 scientific articles in Ambio

Ekoklim is based at Stockholm University and involves researchers representing a wide range of disciplines and research areas. Several researchers at the Centre are active in the project and have contributed to a special issue of AMBIO. The project is focused on social-ecological sustainability challenges in the Mälardalen region in Sweden, aiming to generate new insights that can help improve management and governance of ecosystem services in the region.

The special issue centres around the effects of climate change and land-use change on biodiversity, landscape processes and ecosystem services. The papers also discuss how these changes can be addressed by society through adaptive governance.  

In this interview Sara Borgström, researcher and co-author explains the project and how the research fits into a missing knowledge gap and anticipatory planning.

The special issue is open access and can be read here

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