Applying resilience thinking

Resilience assessment put to practice

First in-depth analysis of a resilience assessment put into practice

Over the past decade, few concepts have gained as much prominence as resilience. This rise of interest has led to increased attempts to apply resilience in practice. Resilience assessment is frequently recommended as a way of operationalizing resilience and it is now practiced worldwide, but does it work and what does it actually do?

Eskilstuna municipality started collaborating with Centre researchers and Louise Hård af Segerstad from Albaeco to explore whether a resilience assessment could be of use for their planning practice. The assessment, which was based on the Resilience Alliance’s own Resilience Assessment Workbook, was conducted in 2013 and evaluated as part of an attempt to further improve their planning for long-term sustainable development.

Here lead author My Sellberg presents the first in-depth evaluation, conducted in Swedish municipality of Eskilstuna, explaining what the practice of resilience assessment accomplished.


Sellberg, M. M., C. Wilkinson and G. D. Peterson. 2015. Resilience assessment: a useful approach to navigate urban sustainability challenges. Ecology and Society
20 (1): 43. [online]
URL: http://www.ecologyandsociety.org/


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