Making it as a PhD student: trust and confidence




Emma Björkvik reflects on her time as a PhD student and why it's important to trust both the process and the people around you

In this episode, we talk to Matilda Petersson, who will give us a glimpse into her life as a PhD student.

About Emma Björkvik

In her research, Björkvik combines quantitative methods with qualitative in order to better understand the long-term development of Swedish coastal fisheries in the Baltic Sea and the potential of fishers’ local ecological knowledge in sustainable management of marine resources.

Before Björkvik's time at the SRC, she worked as a research assistant at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences. She has a MSc in Sustainability Science from Stockholm University and a BSc in biology from Gothenburg University.

About "Life in science"

In this video series we sit down with recently graduated PhD researchers and talk about their experiences and, the life that comes after.

The interviews provide both current and prospective PhD students with a glimpse into life as an early career researcher and the various challenges and opportunities that come with it.

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