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The courses are open to external PhD students subject to availability of space and participation is free of charge

The current and upcoming PhD courses will be announced on this web page. Please see course details for start dates, schedules, course literature and information on how to apply etc.


Using visualisation to express your scientific ideas well, John Bellamy, 25 April- 11 May

In this course, students will learn basic principles of visual communication which can be applied to all platform of visual communication. By adhering to the rudimentary principles taught in the session and by developing a critical understanding of the various factors involved in the development process, students will learn how to tackle the design of visual material with a systematic problem solving approach. The skills learned from these sessions, when practiced and applied, will help the user develop an ability to successfully design effective posters, presentation slides, illustrations and diagrams. Students will learn the key skills that enable them to tailor effective communication visuals that accurately convey information to intended audiences. Read morePDF (pdf, 558.4 kB). For further details please click here.

Introduction to resilience thinking and analysis, Henrik Österblom and Magnus Nyström, 19 September (open to SRC students only)

This course serves as an introduction to advanced research studies at SRC. It communicates the research framework that is used by centre researchers, clarifies “ways of thinking and practicing” and “tacit knowledge” at SRC, i.e. the “softer” values that are essential for multi- and transdisciplinary advanced research at SRC (our “signatory pedagogy”). The course identifies outstanding major research challenges and research fronts in order for the PhD student to be able to understand where they can situate their research, and also how their research can contribute to developing any or several of these fronts. The course also relate the SRC “branch” of Sustainability Science to a wider historical context including fields of philosophy of science and provide practical advice on methods and approaches that will guide the PhD student in his or her research.

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