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The current and upcoming PhD courses will be announced on this web page. Please see course details for start dates, schedules and course literature etc. The course information will be updated continuously.

Spring 2014:

Ecosystem services, economic theory and economic analysis: an introduction from an ecological economics perspective, Tom Green, 23-29 April, 3.0-4.0 hp

This course builds from an ecological economics perspective to consider contempory interest in describing, assessing and incorporating consideration of ecosystem services in land use and resource management decision-making. Various issues are discussed, including debates over monetary valuation, cultural ecosystem services, payments for ecosystems services schemes, and concerns that drawing on an ecosystem services lens enables the commodification of nature. Case studies are used to relate theory to practice.

Read morePDF (pdf, 1.7 MB). For more information contact Tom Green

Courses in planning for Spring 2014:

Open-source GIS, Emma Sundström

Methods for analysis of SES: quantitative and qualitative methods and those that can both

Modeling Complex Adaptive Systems  

Systems analysis and Sustainability Science

Text Analysis: Clustering alogorithms

Systems analysis and Sustainability Science, Uno Svedin

R course series: 1) Experimental design, 2) Advanced stats, 3) Intro to automated image analysis, 4) Multivariate text analysis, 5) Packages and tools for Network Analysis, 6) Intro to Topic Models in R

Courses in planning for Autumn 2014:

Complexity and SES - a series of lectures, philosophy of science, experimental design and complexity theory

Law and Resilience

Ecohydrology, Water-Related Ecosystem Services & Resilience

Theory & practice of Transformation

Introduction to resilience thinking and analysis

Visualization: How to show what we mean!

Regime Shifts

Final details for each course will be available when the course is confirmed.

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