Advancing Urbanization


This chapter is part of Urban Environmental Education Review which explores how environmental education can contribute to urban sustainability. Urban environmental education includes any practices that create learning opportunities to foster individual and community well-being and environmental quality in cities. It fosters novel educational approaches and helps debunk common assumptions that cities are ecologically barren and that city people don't care for, or need, urban nature or a healthy environment.Topics in Urban Environmental Education Review range from the urban context to theoretical underpinnings, educational settings, participants, and educational approaches in urban environmental education. Chapters integrate research and practice to help aspiring and practicing environmental educators, urban planners, and other environmental leaders achieve their goals in terms of education, youth and community development, and environmental quality in cities.The ten-essay series Urban EE Essays, excerpted from Urban Environmental Education Review, may be found here:


Link to centre authors: Elmqvist, Thomas
Publication info: Maddox, D., H. Nagendra, T. Elmqvist, A. Russ. 2017. Advancing Urbanization. Urban Environmental Education Review, pp. 13-20.